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      1. 亚洲最大色

        WISE has established itself as a community aiming at high quality research and offering the ground for advancing efforts in topics related to Web information systems. Previous WISE conferences were held in Hong Kong, China (2000), Kyoto, Japan (2001), Singapore (2002), Roma, Italy (2003), Brisbane, Australia (2004), New York, USA (2005), Wuhan, China (2006), Nancy, France (2007), Auckland, New Zealand (2008), Poznan, Poland (2009), Hong Kong, China (2010), Sydney, Australia (2011), Paphos, Cyprus (2012), Nanjing, China (2013), Thessaloniki, Greece (2014), USA (2015), Shanghai, China (2016), Puschino, Russia (2017), and Dubai, UAE (2018).

        The proceedings of WISE 2019 will be published in 2 separate volumes by Springer in its Lecture Notes in Computer Science series, with best papers to be recommended for publication in special issues of international journals. Topics of interest include but not limited to:

        Web-scale Distributed and Cloud Computing

        Recommender Systems

        Deep/Hidden Web

        Clickstream Analytics

        Rich Web UI and HCI

        Semantic Web

        Machine Learning for the Web

        Linked Open Data

        Human Factors and Social Issues

        Web Big Data Techniques and Mining

        Social Web Models and Analysis

        Web Agents and Web Intelligence

        Web Data Models

        Web Information Retrieval and Text Analytics

        Web Metrics and Performance

        Web Mining and Web Warehousing

        Web Security and Trust Management

        Web-based Business Processes and Web Services

        Web Tools and Visualizaton

        Web-based Applications (e.g., Auction and Negotiation, e-Commerce, e-Government, e-Learning, etc.)

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